For Kierra

For Kierra

A piece of my heart just left for home.

Best friends are hard to find.

We will never live among these fallen leaves and tall trees in the cool sunlight together again,

but we will live together again,

though next time in the bustling city, noisy clamor floating in the bright sun.

Our amicable silence is hard to find.

A piece of my heart just left for home today.

Good friend

Good friend

There are those friends you can’t go a day without,

and there are those you only speak to occasionally.


the more you want to talk to them,

the closer you are as friends.

I have a friend who I call once a year.

We are close friends:

despite the years that have past since we last saw each other,

we have an understanding of each other that surpasses

the surface that people see everyday.

Once a year, my birthday, I call him.

Usually around 1 am.

We talk for hours.

Laugh, bicker, and sigh.

He exhausts me, I exhaust him,

but he’s still one of my best friends.

In our world of once a year conversations,

time has no affect on our connection,

just the topics and mood.

Once a year, we talk for hours and bare our souls.

He calls once a year.