are you happy

are you happy

the clouds have gathered slowly.

maybe it’s because I briefly gave up writing

poetry and pretty words and

things that I thought only little girls did.

I did not even notice how dark it was

until I could no longer see my hands.

This entire poem is so cliche.

I asked this question at a party last night

to no one in particular, receiving no response.

Why is this question so difficult to answer?

are you happy



doesn’t matter that I’m writing a poem today,

it’s determined to be 100% cloudy.

This time around I don’t have anyone’s shoulder to cry on.

My problems are a luxury, I know,

but it hurts that they didn’t take me.

“Too many people applied,” they said.

“We can’t take everyone who is qualified.”

My emotions hurt,

because as well as rejecting me as a human being,

because I revealed myself as a human being in my application,

you stole this beautiful, romantic, and exciting future from me.

Now I can’t even dream of going to your school.

My emotions hurt.