commitment [0r lack thereof]

commitment [0r lack thereof]

she doesn’t want a boyfriend

“I don’t need anymore friends…”

she’s done sleeping with strangers,

letting undeserving boys into

underused covers.

he’s not like any of the previous ones

especially the last.

white like a glass of milk,

stark against the memory of the bitterness of almond and chocolates.

he sees your impulses as harmful.

he might be right.

Anxious all day after talking all night,

nose bleed upon awakening from troubled dreams

.Hiding your phone under your bed

so you won’t be tempted to say something that can’t be unsaid over text.

“I thought I was over this shit.”




are you happy

are you happy

the clouds have gathered slowly.

maybe it’s because I briefly gave up writing

poetry and pretty words and

things that I thought only little girls did.

I did not even notice how dark it was

until I could no longer see my hands.

This entire poem is so cliche.

I asked this question at a party last night

to no one in particular, receiving no response.

Why is this question so difficult to answer?

are you happy

all of the awards on the wall.

all of the awards on the wall.

they all

they all

they all mean nothing without you.

It’s scary how detached I feel.

All of my awards,

pinned to the wall, for me to see and cheer up when I’m having a bad day,

only make me feel more frustrated and anxious and useless.

Because without you,

I just don’t feel right.


Getting emotional.

They mean so little to me now that you’re not around.

I never cared if they thought I was smart or talented.

I just wanted you to think those things.

So the awards mean nothing at all.