commitment [0r lack thereof]

commitment [0r lack thereof]

she doesn’t want a boyfriend

“I don’t need anymore friends…”

she’s done sleeping with strangers,

letting undeserving boys into

underused covers.

he’s not like any of the previous ones

especially the last.

white like a glass of milk,

stark against the memory of the bitterness of almond and chocolates.

he sees your impulses as harmful.

he might be right.

Anxious all day after talking all night,

nose bleed upon awakening from troubled dreams

.Hiding your phone under your bed

so you won’t be tempted to say something that can’t be unsaid over text.

“I thought I was over this shit.”




Running up that hill

Running up that hill

It’s you and me,

and we’re running around that hill, running through the reeds,

where the bayou turns to Spanish moss.

You don’t want to hurt me,

we make a deals about God.

It’s all wrong.

It’s you and me,

where the sun turns to a peach amongst rose petals when evening comes.

It’s you and me,

it’s all wrong,

If only we could stop.

We’re running up that road, running around the bend,

look down, and I’ll show you my catfish,

Lurking at the bottom,

making deals about God.

The sidewalk ends,

we’re rolling down that hill,

rolling into the concrete river, through the reeds and Spanish Moss.

We say hello to the catfish, we float amongst the sewage.

It’s you and me,

and you are frowning at me, and you don’t want to hurt me, but we’re rolling down that hill,

and we’re making deals about God, and you do.

Curse you for ruining Kate Bush for me.

(In case it wasn’t obvious, this was inspired by the song, Running up that Hill, by Kate Bush. I had a dream with it playing in the background, and this poem came from that dream)

It’s a joke / shining limbs

It’s a joke / shining limbs

All of the shining limbs,
Knees spread wide open,
Body with two hillsides,
Experiencing a frequent tremor.
She has a constant sunrise,
Red and rosy,
Knees to chest, hopefully never.
Her feet are arched, she’s on her toes,
She looks at me from over her shoulder,
Arms in front of her.
Long lashes bat at me,
Curtains in front of hazel eyes.
All of the shining limbs,
And she’s me.



Dreams of skin,

strong hands,

and warmth

came back to me

when I woke this morning.

Hide away with me,

just you and I

and just tangle our life lines together.

Our feet were intertwined.

Just as you kissed the top of my head,

I woke up.

I looked to where you were in my dream,

to my right,

and no,

you are gone,

never there,

and an empty place in my bed has stayed.