What else do you have left to fear?

What else do you have left to fear?

I’m going reveal my soul on the internet, I might as well humiliate myself in full.

Warning: read above. I’m in the mood for humor.

Words come out like diarrhea,

I can already feel my soul becoming free-er.

God bless you, put away that mirror.

Girl, what do you have left fear?

High Anxiety

High Anxiety

My shoulders could support boulders,

they are as hard as diamonds,

they are so tense.

My fingers resemble peeled grapes,

only red.

My neck aches, my stomach hurts.

High anxiety, please leave me.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight.



I imagine

before falling asleep

my worries,

my fears,

my anxieties

as balloons.

Shy pinks,

Bold turquoise,

Brave chartreuse,

Riveting red


I imagine

being dragged along

by my worry balloons,

afraid of letting go

of the tense string that binds us,

digging my heels into the ground all the same,

because I don’t want to go

where my fears and insecurities would lead me.

I take a deep breath,

and one by one

let go of the balloons.

My college admissions results,

my jealousy of Jennifer,

my hurt feelings,

my grief for my grandmother,

more and more and more

balloons floating away across the sky.

I let them all go,

because I can’t afford to let them drag me



because I’m tired of digging my heels in.

Good bye, Balloons.

I’m sure that I’ll see you all again,

and maybe gain even more tomorrow,

but for now,

Good bye Balloons.