“When A Boy Tells You He Loves You”- Edwin Bodney

“When A Boy Tells You He Loves You”- Edwin Bodney

I was touched by this accurate and precise poem. It takes a scalpel to the dynamics of relationships but doesn’t let it bleed excessively.

unexpected lemons

unexpected lemons

lemons that I didn’t expect

occurred this weekend,

sweet and sour with Everclear.

poorly poured margarita mix,

swaying on my feet not quite sick.

You grab my hand, we might have danced;

then all I remember is tongue in my cheek,

lips shifting and margarita mix

that suddenly wasn’t so bad.

Lemons that I didn’t expect

occurred this weekend.

i went home alone, i had an 8 am class the next day.

I’m a good girl (during the day).

the rest of the weekend i cannot say the same.

i didn’t expect for the lemons to be sweet.

So far no sour aftertaste.

I forgot how much I

missed the feeling of

another body on

top of my


Lemons I didn’t expect to receive,

were graciously given this weekend.

I thanked him for his gift quite kindly.

lemons so surprisingly sweet,

unexpected, but right.

happy love

happy love

joy love steam

long love elder

long lash

bright eyes

hurt to fingertips

sweep feet

joy love steam

go to the clouds.

soul cracked open,

hurt to my fingertips.

your fingers tremble too.

love money sex,

sex steam dream.

hurt fingers heart.

please, please,

love me.

joy love steam.

my fingers hurt because they want your ring.

joy love steam,

love love me.