Good friend

Good friend

There are those friends you can’t go a day without,

and there are those you only speak to occasionally.


the more you want to talk to them,

the closer you are as friends.

I have a friend who I call once a year.

We are close friends:

despite the years that have past since we last saw each other,

we have an understanding of each other that surpasses

the surface that people see everyday.

Once a year, my birthday, I call him.

Usually around 1 am.

We talk for hours.

Laugh, bicker, and sigh.

He exhausts me, I exhaust him,

but he’s still one of my best friends.

In our world of once a year conversations,

time has no affect on our connection,

just the topics and mood.

Once a year, we talk for hours and bare our souls.

He calls once a year.