It’s just prom,

he said.

Why is it so important to you?

You went last year!

I chuckle at his frustration,

but I want to ring his neck,

and I’m not even the girl he’s talking to.

How do I always end up in the middle of these quarrels?

Why do I always have such success in finding them solutions,

yet with my own life,

Everything refuses to go into motion,

and the quarrels were in constant rotation.

They are still arguing,

so now it’s time for me to try to make them understand.

Beautiful dress.

Beautiful dress.

It’s a beautiful dress.

When I first saw it

it reminded me of

a sunset,

tiger lilies,

bright and colorful,

not overwhelming,

but strong.

It’s a beautiful dress.

And I know I look beautiful in it.

It’s the color of

mint juleps

with peach and



obstructing the mint pond.

It’s a beautiful dress

and I’m a beautiful girl,

but I have no date for prom.

It’s such a pathetic and insignificant problem,

in comparison to

the problem’s of other girls my age.

I have never had to walk

miles upon miles

to get water for my family.

I have never had to

drop out of school

so my brother can eat.

I have never had to

ponder, “Why, Why me?”

I have never had to

read a pregnancy test that said positive.

I have never had to

live with the trauma that comes with sexual assault and rape.

I have never had to

live as a refuge.

But I still have no date for prom,

beautiful dress and all.

My beautiful dress has a tag

that reads,

“Made in China,”

and I don’t want to think about

how much

the people who made my

beautiful dress

were paid.

Of course I wish all of these problems could dissolve,

no more devastation,


and instead,

more elation,


and joyful emotion.

But I’d still wish I had a prom date,

after all those other,

more important things,

were solved.