are you happy

are you happy

the clouds have gathered slowly.

maybe it’s because I briefly gave up writing

poetry and pretty words and

things that I thought only little girls did.

I did not even notice how dark it was

until I could no longer see my hands.

This entire poem is so cliche.

I asked this question at a party last night

to no one in particular, receiving no response.

Why is this question so difficult to answer?

are you happy

warm weather

warm weather

all the girls

with their long skirts

colorful clothes

blowing in the spring breeze.

bright spring,

dark in my room.

she is sad,

won’t let in the light,

wants to go home to

the sunnier place that she calls home.

It will end soon.

I’ll be able to open my windows,

turn on the lights soon.

all the girls with their smooth legs

hidden under their long skirts

blowing in the quiet breeze of spring,

while walking to class in a hurry.

Honey Part II- Mi abeja se pierde

Honey Part II- Mi abeja se pierde

Mi abeja se pierde,

My bee is lost.

Honey is gone.

We ran off the table and

made it sticky and

it hurts to look at the places

where we fell so

beautifully in the


Honey is gone

but my inspiration is not.

honey is gone

but I am not destroyed

because I am stronger than that now

no more crying for boys

even if he did deserve me.

Honey is gone

so suddenly there is still golden remnants

on my bed and on my counter top

and in my laundry and on my desk

and most of all in my mind.

Honey is gone and

while I am bereft I am not broken.

Honey is gone but now I know

he wasn’t the one.

Honey is gone and I was right, there will only be a PART I.

I miss you when I wake up because I remember waking up next to you.

I miss you when I go to sleep because I remember how only two days ago we said goodnight.

I miss you when I eat breakfast alone again.

I miss you when I do my laundry because I remember our long conversations in the hot folding room.

I miss you when I listen to music that we loved together.

Honey is gone, but I still remember the sticky taste in my mouth as if it was yesterday, because it was only yesterday.

My chest aches and my eyes water as I write this, but I’m fine and I forgive you already.

Oh honey. We should have been more than what we were

but we weren’t.

the color of love is red

the color of love is red

Roommates and midnight rendezvous.

Rothskeller in the evening,

rough hands much larger than mine.

Romance, this is not,

risk complicit or complacency.

Rogue kisses

reverent gazes.

“Roll me over.”

Rigid, you are now that it’s over.

Riptide took me in.

Riotous emotions inside of me.

Rings, my mind is now we are the way we are now.

Rings, I thought that far ahead.

Rings, we moved in one.

Regular strangers again, aren’t we?

Rebel tears escape.



doesn’t matter that I’m writing a poem today,

it’s determined to be 100% cloudy.

This time around I don’t have anyone’s shoulder to cry on.

My problems are a luxury, I know,

but it hurts that they didn’t take me.

“Too many people applied,” they said.

“We can’t take everyone who is qualified.”

My emotions hurt,

because as well as rejecting me as a human being,

because I revealed myself as a human being in my application,

you stole this beautiful, romantic, and exciting future from me.

Now I can’t even dream of going to your school.

My emotions hurt.