red popsicle in the sun

red popsicle in the sun

marble stairs,

grassy quad,

classes sit in circles

leisurely learning in the sun.

I walk past

licking my red ice,

strawberry lemonade,


My lips are red

from its cold kiss,

painting my smile strawberry.

Alas, now it is done,

but my quiet enjoyment of

such a simple sweet treat remains.

warm weather

warm weather

all the girls

with their long skirts

colorful clothes

blowing in the spring breeze.

bright spring,

dark in my room.

she is sad,

won’t let in the light,

wants to go home to

the sunnier place that she calls home.

It will end soon.

I’ll be able to open my windows,

turn on the lights soon.

all the girls with their smooth legs

hidden under their long skirts

blowing in the quiet breeze of spring,

while walking to class in a hurry.

winter is vile

winter is vile

Winter snuck up on me

upon me

up ominously

on me.

No snow,

just cold.

I can feel the oil and dirt trapped in every line of my finger prints,

Every molecule of crap like dry skin and makeup hiding under my finger nails.

Flaking dry skin on my lips, waving like a flag in this icy wind.

Winter is vile,

sweating inside in this boiling dorm,

shivering down the stairs.

Winter is vile,

with it’s dry skin and static hair and itchy scalp and sticky fingers.

Spring was always my favorite season.

No more poems for him no. 2 (unfortunately)

No more poems for him no. 2 (unfortunately)

Potential for beginnings,
A difference in momentum.
Aren’t we the same people?
The answer is no.
Strangers amongst us,
Stranger in my midst.
Sinewy bones, I am.
Tied together with tissue.
Hot blood pumping, lovely.
Up a hill, down a hill.
Aren’t I strange to you?
May I please be more to you now?
2 different people:
2 new question.
These have no answers,
that this pile of bones can answer.
Love me from my ankles
To my lips, please.
Aren’t I strange to you now?
Go north or south ;
I will stay right here.
New season, new leaves.
Change is amongst us:
Aren’t I strange to you now?
May I please know you more?