For Kierra

For Kierra

A piece of my heart just left for home.

Best friends are hard to find.

We will never live among these fallen leaves and tall trees in the cool sunlight together again,

but we will live together again,

though next time in the bustling city, noisy clamor floating in the bright sun.

Our amicable silence is hard to find.

A piece of my heart just left for home today.

winter is vile

winter is vile

Winter snuck up on me

upon me

up ominously

on me.

No snow,

just cold.

I can feel the oil and dirt trapped in every line of my finger prints,

Every molecule of crap like dry skin and makeup hiding under my finger nails.

Flaking dry skin on my lips, waving like a flag in this icy wind.

Winter is vile,

sweating inside in this boiling dorm,

shivering down the stairs.

Winter is vile,

with it’s dry skin and static hair and itchy scalp and sticky fingers.

Spring was always my favorite season.